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ISIS CLAIMS ATTACK: Terror group takes responsibility for Barcelona assault via its propaganda arm

By Travis Fedschun, Nicole Darrah  

Police are on the hunt for the driver of the van that rammed through a crowded tourist area in Barcelona Thursday, killing 13 people and wounding more than 100 others in what investigators called an act of terror.
At least two people have been arrested as suspects in the attack, according to the regional president of Catalonia. One of the suspects is a Spanish national from Melilla, and the other is a Moroccan citizen who lived in Spain legally.
ISIS claimed responsibility for the terror attack on Thursday through its propaganda arm, according to SITE Intel Group.
"The perpetrators of the attack in #Barcelona are Islamic state soldiers and carried out the operation on command of [ISIS' leader] of targeting coalition countries," the ISIS release stated.
A senior police official said the van attack is connected to a gas explosion inside a house in the town of Alcanar Wednesday, in which one person was killed and seven were injured.
Police initially named Driss Oukabir, the Moroccan, as a suspect in the attack. However, local media are reporting a man with that name told police that his identification documents were stolen, possibly by his younger brother.
Oukabir rented the van that was used in the attack, according to El Pais.
A government official has confirmed to Fox News that intelligence agencies are now combing through their holdings, including terror watch lists, to determine if Oukabir was known to the FBI, DHS and other agencies. Officials are also working to determine if the suspect was blocked from entering the U.S., or if this was a radicalized individual that was not on government radar.
Driss Oukabir, suspect named by police following the attack in Barcelona.  (Barcelona Police)

The white van jumped onto a sidewalk and sped through a pedestrian zone on Las Ramblas of Barcelona, the famous main pedestrian walk way that crosses the city. The van swerved from side to side as it plowed into tourists and residents.
"It was clearly a terror attack, intended to kill as many people as possible," senior police official Josep Lluis Trapero said at a news conference.
State-owned broadcaster RTVE reported that investigators think two vans were used -- one for the attack and a second as a getaway vehicle.
Police officers tell members of the public to leave the scene in a street in Barcelona, Spain, Thursday, Aug. 17, 2017  (AP Photo/Manu Fernandez)

Police killed a gunman in a shootout a few miles from Barcelona soon after the crash, El Mundo newspaper reported. However, police said later the gunman was not linked to the terror attack.
Local media originally reported two men involved in the attack had been holed up in a bar, but that was dispelled by Catalan police.
Barcelona Mayor Ada Colau announced a minute of silence will be held Friday in the city's main square "to show that we are not scared." The moment of silence will be followed by three days of mourning.
"We are a strong city in its diversity and values. Barcelona is a city of peace, of dialogue, of democracy, valient, open to the world. The cowards that have tried to plant terror will not get away with it," Colau said.
"London, Brussels, Paris and some other European cities have had the same experience. It's been Barcelona's turn today," said Carles Puigdemont, the head of the regional government.
Prime Minister of Spain Mariano Rajoy tweeted that he is going to Barcelona.
 The scene in Barcelona.

A grisly video of the incident appeared to show at least five people lying motionless on the ground, with legs twisted and heads bloodied.
"It was real chaos, people started running, screaming. There was a loud bang," eyewitness Ethan Spibey told Sky News.
Footage from reporters on the ground shows armed officers combing a market.
Albert Tort, a 47-year-old nurse who lives near Las Ramblas, told El Pais that what he saw at the scene was an "authentic disaster."
"Police would not let me go through but I identified myself as a nurse and I went in," he said. "What I saw was an authentic disaster. I counted at least 6 dead, I tried to revive a young [man] but it was impossible."
"I heard a lot of people screaming and then I saw the van going down the boulevard," another witness, Miguel Angel Rizo, said, "You can see all the bodies lying through Las Ramblas. It was brutal. A very tough image to see."
Barcelona resident Keith Fleming told the Associated Press he was watching television in his building on a side street just off Las Ramblas when he heard a noise and went out to the balcony to investigate.
Fleming said he saw "women and children just running and they looked terrified," he then heard a bang, possibly from someone rolling down a store shutter, as more people raced by.
The American living in the Spanish city said police arrived, and pushed everyone a full block down the street. He says the officers still are there with guns drawn and riot police stationed at the end of the block.
President Trump condemned the attack, saying in a tweet, "The United States condemns the terror attack in Barcelona, Spain, and will do whatever is necessary to help. Be tough & strong, we love you!"
Speaking from Panama, Vice President Pence called the day "tragic." He acknowledged that ISIS took credit for the attack, but said "whoever is responsible should know, together with our allies, we will punish those responsible" and rid "Islamic terror" from the world.
Emergency services in Catalonia say they have asked the Metro and train services in the area to close. Police cordoned off the broad street and shut down its stores, and asked people to stay away from the area so as not to get in the way of the emergency services.
Facebook has activated its Safety Check feature that lets users notify friends and family that they are safe following the Barcelona attack.
Barcelona's tourism association has offered rooms in area hotels to tourists who have been displaced by ther attack.
The U.S consulate in Barcelona said on Twitter it was "aware of a reported incident at Las Ramblas in Barcelona. Please avoid the area and monitor local police @mossos for updates."
"Americans in Spain: If you are safe, be sure to notify friends and loved ones. If you use social media, be sure to update your status," the consulate tweeted.
The National Counterterrorism Center, the government hub for threat analysis, confirmed to Fox News the center is monitoring the events in Barcelona and note the use of a vehicle as a weapon.
The Department of Homeland Security said Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Elaine Duke has been briefed on the situation. "DHS has reached out to Spanish authorities, and the Department is standing by to support our allies as they respond to and recover from this horrendous attack. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and those affected," the agency said in a statement.
On Twitter, the Department said those who need information on U.S. citizens in Spain, to call 888-407-4747 if in the U.S. or Canada.
Spain has been the target of numerous terror attacks in the last few years, drawing the attention of the U.S. State Department.
The attack was the country's deadlist since 2004, when Al Qaeda-inspired bombers killed 192 people in coorindated attacks on Madrid's commuter trains.
Since July 2016, vehicles have been used to ram into crowds in terror attacks across Europe, killing well over 100 people in Nice, Berlin, London, and Stockholm.
Las Ramblas is a packed tourist area in central Barcelona whose central feature is a broad promenade leading to the water. The stretch is lined with numerous shops, restaurants, a sprawling market and Gaudí architecture.
People walk down a wide, pedestrianized path in the center of the street, but cars can travel on either side of the area.

Fox News' Catherine Herridge, Lucia Suarez, Jake Gibson, Cody Derespina, James Rogers, Judson Berger, Michael Arroyo and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Oh My: Leftist Southern Poverty Law Center Mentions Charlottesville White Supremacist Organizer as Former Occupy Wall Street, Obama Supporter

By Katie Pavlich

According to the leftist Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC], one of the white supremacist organizers of Saturday's rally in Charlottesville is a former Occupy Wall Street activist and supporter of Barack Obama.

Jason Kessler is listed with SPLC as an "extremist." Here's an excerpt from the information about Kessler published on their website
Relying on familiar tropes of “white genocide” and “demographic displacement,” white nationalist blogger Jason Kessler seeks notoriety with his "Unite the Right" march in Charlottesville, Virginia.
Rumors abound on white nationalist forums that Kessler’s ideological pedigree before 2016 was less than pure and seem to point to involvement in the Occupy movement and past support for President Obama.
At one recent speech in favor of Charlottesville’s status as a sanctuary city, Kessler live-streamed himself as an attendee questioned him and apologized for an undisclosed spat during Kessler’s apparent involvement with Occupy. Kessler appeared visibly perturbed by the woman’s presence and reminders of their past association.
Those speaking at the Charlottesville “Unite the Right” event include Richard Spencer, who spoke at the first Charlottesville rally, Mike Enoch of The Right Stuff, Matthew Heimbach of the white nationalist Traditionalist Workers Party, Augustus Invictus, a pagan neo-fascist who has pledged to bring about a second Civil War, and Michael Hill of the League of the South.
Despite overwhelming condemnation from Republicans and conservatives of white nationalism and what happened in Charlottesville, the left and their friends in the media have tried to pin the weekend's violence on the mainstream right. It turns out, they should be looking further left.
Over to you Durham, North Carolina.

Ben Jacobs

The activist arrested is a member of Maoist group that is pro North Korea and had just compared police officers to the Confederate Army: …

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Horist: Why is Left Wing Violence Acceptable?

By Larry Horist 

Left wing violence does not seem to be as serious to mainstream media

In response to the tragedy in Charlottesville, Virginia, President Trump condemned the acts of violence in the “strongest terms.”  He expanded his condemnation to include ALL who promote or carry out violence.  Seems like a reasonable comment.
For the next several days, and counting, the left wing news media spun a narrative that by not mentioning the perpetrators and provocateurs by name, the President was actually endorsing the white supremacy organizations.  To reinforce this claim, they dredged up previous times where they, themselves, interpreted Trump’s words to mean something other than their defined meaning.  Sure, he condemned David Duke, but not quickly enough.  He repeatedly preached against violence, but not in the right words. It was what Trump did not say that became the point of criticism.  Consider this point again.  The President strong words of condemnation against those who perpetrated violence in Charlottesville and any others who have similar motives had no meaning, but what he did not say did.
His words were described as a “dog whistle,” meaning that his actual words of condemnation were to be interpreted as a subtle show of support for the hate mongers.  Dog whistle is a nonsense term that self-justifies interpreting a person’s words to any meaning a critic might prefer.  A dog whistle is for dogs.
The Presidents condemnation was reiterated by virtually every person in his administration, many naming the offensive organizations.  This included Vice President Pence, National Security Advisor H. R. McMaster and others.  Among those strongly condemning the action AND the organizations was Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who immediately launched a federal investigation.
In the perverse world inside the New York City/D.C. press bubble, these condemnations by Trump administration officials, including his most senior staff, were interpreted as repudiations of the President’s statements.  Even after the White House issued a statement on behalf of the President – his official statement – repudiating the white supremacist groups by name, the major media continued to malign the President by ignoring his more specific statements.
The hyperbole of the media, especially CNN and MSNBC, was boundless.  The mainstream media, with their panels of parroting pundits, began to characterize the President with offensive appellations that are usually the rhetoric of the absurdly ignorant.  Claiming that Trump’s failure to read the script they offered up in hindsight, major news personalities called him a racist, a Nazi, a white supremacist, a provocateur of violence.  They lashed out at anyone who would not take up their intellectually corrupt cause in demonizing Trump to the point of impeachment or worse.  They descended on the President with all the table etiquette of a pack of jackals.
They assassinated his character over condemning violent groups “on many sides.”  The fact that they found those words so offensive is due to their acquiescence, if not endorsement, of the preponderance of political violence emanating from the radical left.  For proof, one only need review the NY/DC media’s coverage of the attack on Republican congressman or their limited, if any, coverage on the calls for the random killing of police officers by left wing hate groups.  For years, the mainstream media has minimized the meaning of the ubiquitous left wing violence.  Campus riots and the trail of crime and violence in the wake of Occupy Wall Street were largely brushed off.  The left and its media spokespeople have no moral pedestal from which to pass judgment.  For these reasons, the left wing press could not address the other side of the confrontation and took umbrage when Trump did.
One thing I learned on the streets of Chicago is that when you have two gangs egging for a fight, you will get a fight.  The reason for the conflict and who threw the first punch – or nowadays – fired the first shot is generally unknown and pretty much unimportant.  Most times people wound up with bloody noses or black eyes, but sometimes people died.
In many ways, the tragedy that occurred in Charlottesville was similar to those urban gang wars.  By both their nature and its intent the hateful white supremacist organizations are provocative and prone to violent confrontation.  This is common knowledge and has been as long as I can remember.
I recall the ragtag remnants of the staunchly anti-Semitic KKK marching in Skokie, Illinois – arguably one of the most Jewish communities in America. It was not their intention to protest, but to provoke.  The arrival in Charlottesville was no different.
What gets lost in the news – intentionally, I believe – is the motivation and intention of some of those who came to Charlottesville to protest.  Most came to peacefully demonstrate and show the world that the hate mongers do not represent American values.  Some, however, were there to provoke physical confrontation as they have done in other areas of the country.  And they did.  To doubt the culpability of the rally protesters, one only need recall the violent confrontation that commenced long before the fatal act of terrorism.  This was a fight that could not have been more predictable if it had been advertised as a boxing card event.
Two hateful elements met on the streets of Charlottesville egging for a fight, much like those urban gangs of my youth. Unfortunately, the police were not adequately prepared to impose order.  Like any such confrontation, shouts led to shoves and the cycle of violence was begun.  When Trump condemned ALL those who promote and provoke violence, he is not wrong.


Trump Tells the Truth, and the Press Goes Crazy
By John Hinderaker

This afternoon President Trump conducted an impromptu press conference at Trump Tower. Asked about Charlottesville, Trump said there was blame on both sides. The press went ballistic:

A combative President Donald Trump insisted Tuesday “there is blame on both sides” for the deadly violence last weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia, appearing to once again equate the actions of white supremacist groups and those protesting them.
In the AP’s telling, the antifas were just “protesting” the white supremacists. No mention of fighting, no reference to baseball bats.
The president’s comments effectively wiped away the more conventional statement he delivered at the White House one day earlier when he branded members of the KKK, neo-Nazis and white supremacists who take part in violence as “criminals and thugs.”
Why? There is no inconsistency between neo-Nazis being criminals and thugs and antifas sharing the blame for the violence in Charlottesville. They are criminals and thugs, too.
The president’s retorts Tuesday suggested he had been a reluctant participant in that cleanup effort. During an impromptu press conference in the lobby of his Manhattan skyscraper, he praised his original response to Charlottesville and angrily blamed liberal groups in addition to white supremacists for the violence. Some of those protesting the rally to save a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee were “also very violent,” he said.
“There are two sides to a story,” he said. He added that some facts about the violence still aren’t known.
The AP wants us to believe that Trump’s statements were a disaster. His aides “stood in silence,” John Kelly “crossed his arms and stared down at his shoes,” Sarah Sanders “looked around the room trying to make eye contact with other senior aides.” And “[o]ne young staffer stood with her mouth agape.
The AP never questions, however, that what Trump said was true. In fact, it was indisputable. The antifas, a fascist group that has also rioted at Washington, Berkeley, Seattle and other places, typically wears black clothes and masks, arms its members with baseball bats, ax handles and 2x4s, and often attacks random people on the street. Its behavior in Charlottesville was not much better than usual. New York Times reporter Sheryl Gay Stolberg tweeted, “The hard left seemed as hate-filled as alt-right. I saw club-wielding ‘antifa’ beating white nationalists being led out of the park.”
The press calls the fascists “counter-demonstrators”

Anyone who has watched videos of the Charlottesville riot knows that Trump’s description is accurate. In this video, you can see antifa fascists initiating violence against both white supremacists and the police:

Who, exactly, brings bats and clubs to a demonstration?
Here again, you see the so-called counter-demonstrators initiate the violence:
The video is at: 

This longer video shows a confrontation that seems to have been initiated by the white supremacists. Toward the end, multiple black-clad and helmeted antifas assault an old man:
Why does the press go crazy over a statement by President Trump that is patently true? “[T]here is blame on both sides.” Because left-wing violence is becoming a prominent feature of our political scene, and the Democratic Party press wants to cover it up. Murderers inspired by Black Lives Matter have attempted to kill, and in several instances have actually killed, policemen. Antifa fascists, doing their best Nazi brownshirt imitation, have rioted in cities around the country, smashing windows and attacking passers-by. And, of course, Democratic Party activist and Bernie Sanders campaign worker James Hodgkinson attempted to assassinate Congressional Republicans, grievously wounding the House Majority Whip, Steve Scalise.
This violence is unhelpful to the left-wing cause, so reporters and editors suppress references to it. They were delighted to have an opportunity to report, for a change, on right-wing violence perpetrated by James Fields. And they don’t want truth, or any sort of nuance, to get in the way.
This is, I think, a winning issue for President Trump and his allies. Any time the Democrats scream, “You can’t say that!” the best policy is to go on saying it.
UPDATE: Additional quotes from yesterday’s mini-presser, not referenced by the AP:
“Let me ask you this. What about the fact they came charging — that they came charging, with clubs in their hands, swinging clubs? Do they have any problem? I think they do. So, you know, as far as I’m concerned, that was a horrible, horrible day. Wait a minute. I’m not finished. I’m not finished, fake news. That was a horrible day.
“Is it the same level as neo-Nazis?” a reporter asked.
“I will tell you something,” Trump said.
“I watched those very closely, much more closely than you people watched it, and you have – You had a group on one side that was bad and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent. And nobody wants to say that, but I’ll say it right now. You had a group, you had a group on the other side that came charging in without a permit and they were very, very violent.”
Trump is right on the money. Liberals hate it when he tells the truth!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Direct Anger Over The Confederacy And White Supremacist Divisiveness At The Origin: The Democratic Party

By Frances Rice

The Democratic Party owes Black Americans and our entire nation an apology.

The roots of modern-day racism and claims of "white supremacy" are planted firmly in the Democratic Party.
Today, for partisan political gain, Democrats fan the flames of racism, as they have done for over 200 years.
In his book, "Whites, Blacks & Racist Democrats," Rev. Wayne Perryman provides startling details about racism in the Democratic Party from 1792 to 2009.
Rev. Perryman describes how the Democratic Party became known as the "Party of White Supremacy" that fought to preserve slavery and enacted discriminatory laws to deny civil rights to blacks.
Additional details about the history of civil rights can be found in the book, “A Short History of Reconstruction” by Dr. Eric Foner, and the below two articles:
The Parties Did Not Switch Sides - Update: The Republican Party is The Party of Civil Rights
Civil Rights History And Current State Of Economic Equality For Black Americans

Democrats formed the Confederacy, seceded from the Union and fought a Civil War (1861 to 1865) – a war where over 600,000 citizens were killed, including many thousands of blacks – in order to keep blacks in slavery because the Democrats had built their economic base on the backs of black slaves.

As author Michael Scheuer stated, the Democratic Party is the party of the four S’s:  slavery, secession, segregation and now socialism.
One pundit opined that, from its founding in 1854 as the anti-slavery party until today, the Republican Party has championed freedom and civil rights for blacks.
It defies logic for Democrats today to claim that the racist Democrats suddenly joined the Republican Party, after Republicans finally won the civil rights battle against the racist Democrats.
In fact, the racist Democrats declared that they would rather vote for a “yellow dog” than vote for a Republican, because the Republican Party was -- and still is --  the party for blacks.
Rev. Perryman sued the Democratic Party, demanding an apology for their history of racism based on the Democratic Party' “States Rights” claims. The case went all the way to the United States Supreme Court.
The Democrats admitted their racist past under oath in court, but refused to apologize because they know that they can take the black vote for granted.
Democrats should follow the lead of North Carolina and apologize.
The 2006 report of the Commission appointed by the Governor of North Carolina prompted the Democratic Party of North Carolina to pass a unanimous resolution in 2007 apologizing for the Democratic Party’s role in the bloody 1898 Wilmington Race Riots where dozens of black Americans were massacred.
That apology can be viewed on the Internet. In a letter to the North Carolina Democratic Party, North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Richard H. Moore wrote: “We can no longer ignore the fact that many of us grew up being taught a much sanitized – and inaccurate – history….  The truth is ugly.”
If we, as a nation, are to heal our racial wounds, move beyond racial divisiveness, we must first hold the Democratic Party accountable and demand an apology for the harm that party has inflicted on black Americans in particular and our nation in general.


'Unite the Right' Rally Breaks Out in Vitriol and Violence - So Much for Free Speech
By Alice Greene

Thousands gather in Charlottesville to protest removal of Robert E. Lee statue

The city of Charlottesville, Virginia has seen numerous protests following its February decision to remove a bronze statue of Robert E. Lee from Emancipation Park (formerly Lee Park).
Removal of the statue, which is still on hold pending litigation, is expected to cost the city as much as $330,000.
Thousands of people gathered in Charlottesville this Saturday to attend the “Unite the Right” rally in support of the statue, organized by local blogger and activist Jason Kessler - an event criticized by The Washington Post as the "largest white supremacist gathering in a decade.” Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe had the National Guard on “standby” in expectation of violence.
The trouble began on Friday night when a gang of torch-wielding protestors clashed with counter-protestors on the University of Virginia campus.
“I am beyond disgusted by this unsanctioned and despicable display of visual intimidation on a college campus,” said Charlottesville Mayor Mike Singer.
However, the ACLU was also involved (believe it or not) on the side of the protestors. “[The ACLU] sent a letter to the city in response to their letter stating that we are now legally representing Mr. Kessler,” Whitehead said. “The First Amendment requires there be a compelling interest to restrict speech and that has to be a safety issue. The people who have the permit have been shown to be peaceful so far, so there is no compelling interest that has been shown.”
“[The ACLU] sent a letter to the city in response to their letter stating that we are now legally representing Mr. Kessler,” Whitehead said. “The First Amendment requires there be a compelling interest to restrict speech and that has to be a safety issue. The people who have the permit have been shown to be peaceful so far, so there is no compelling interest that has been shown.”
However despite moving the venue to a "safer" venue, the local police neglected to provide the proper security for the rally.
Fistfights and screaming matches broke out on Saturday morning as thousands of people gathered in advance of the rally. Counter-protestors held signs that read, “Take your racist KKK bullsh-t out of Virginia.”
One person was killed when a car drove into a crowded street, and McAuliffe declared a state of emergency later that day after a helicopter crash killed two more people (the media seems to want to blame this on the rally, but this crash was unrelated to the rally). Over 30 others were injured.
“I have a message to all the white supremacists and the Nazis who came into Charlottesville today. Our message is plain and simple: go home,” said McAuliffe in a speech Saturday night. “You came today to hurt people, and you did hurt people. My message is clear: we are stronger than you…you will not succeed. There is no place for you here, there is no place for you in America.”
The Left has repeatedly called the rally a “white nationalist” march, but event organizer Kessler does not characterize it that way. As Kessler explains, the statue of Robert E. Lee is not just a reminder of slavery:
“The statue itself is symbolic of a lot of larger issues. The primary three issues are preserving history against this censorship and revisionism – this political correctness. The second issue is being allowed to advocate for your interests as a white person, just like other groups are allowed to advocate for their interests politically. And finally, this is about free speech. We are simply trying to express ourselves and do a demonstration, and the local government has tried to shut us down.”
Kessler says he does not consider himself a white nationalist. 
Robert E. Lee went down in history as one of the most successful Confederate generals during the Civil War. He is also the person who surrendered to General Ulysses S. Grant in 1865.
Over 1,000 Confederate monuments have been erected since the end of the Civil War – some in states that weren’t even involved in the war. The movement to take these monuments down began in 2015 when a white supremacist killed nine black churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina.
Since then, over 60 Confederate symbols have been removed from cities across the country.
Charlottesville’s Robert E. Lee statue was built 59 years after the end of the Civil War. It was commissioned by Paul Goodloe McIntire, a philanthropist whose name is all over the University of Virginia.
McIntire’s contributions to the city include four parks (one of which is named after Booker T. Washington), support for the city’s first library, a statue of Lewis and Clark, and a statue of George Rogers Clark.
There is even a local award named after him, the Paul Goodloe McIntire Citizenship Award.
Editor's note: The violence is the fault of the local police and Governor McAuliffe who did not provide proper security for the event. McAuliffe also bears personal responsibility in his pronouncements to the public, giving tacit permission to counter-protestors to interfere and cause violence. Obama had similar comments that inflamed the Trayvon Martin case in Florida and the Mike Brown case in Ferguson, Missouri.
This is a sad day for government and freedom of speech.


There is a fascist threat in America, but it’s not Trump.

The Big Lie is an explosive new book from Dinesh D’Souza, author of the #1 New York Times bestsellers Hillary’s America, America, and Obama’s America.
What is “the big lie” of the Democratic Party? That conservatives—and President Donald Trump in particular—are fascists. Nazis, even. In a typical comment, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow says the Trump era is reminiscent of “what it was like when Hitler first became chancellor.”
But in fact, this audacious lie is a complete inversion of the truth. Yes, there is a fascist threat in America—but that threat is from the Left and the Democratic Party. The Democratic left has an ideology virtually identical with fascism and routinely borrows tactics of intimidation and political terror from the Nazi Brownshirts.
To cover up their insidious fascist agenda, Democrats loudly accuse President Trump and other Republicans of being Nazis—an obvious lie, considering the GOP has been fighting the Democrats over slavery, genocide, racism and fascism from the beginning.
Now, finally, Dinesh D’Souza explodes the Left’s big lie. He expertly exonerates President Trump and his supporters, then uncovers the Democratic Left’s long, cozy relationship with Nazism: how the racist and genocidal acts of early Democrats inspired Adolf Hitler’s campaign of death; how fascist philosophers influenced the great 20th century lions of the American Left; and how today’s anti-free speech, anti-capitalist, anti-religious liberty, pro-violence Democratic Party is a frightening simulacrum of the Nazi Party.
Hitler coined the term “the big lie” to describe a lie that “the great masses of the people” will fall for precisely because of how bold and monstrous the lie is. In The Big Lie, D’Souza shows that the Democratic Left’s orchestrated campaign to paint President Trump and conservatives as Nazis to cover up its own fascism is, in fact, the biggest lie of all.
The Big Lie is available in bookstores nationwide. Limited quantities of the book are available with an original signature by Dinesh D’Souza. Click below to reserve yours now:
A Reader’s Comment - Carmen Fructuoso-Canter – July 27, 2017:

If we are to educate our children and open their eyes to the alt-left-hate, it should be to revamp our education system, regulate school administration and teachers like businesses are regulated, and impose punishments on teachers who are biased in their teaching. Students should not be punished for their free speech in homework and essays…and should not be harassed by teachers and other students for it.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Charlottesville Mayor Praises Trump for 'Condemning Hate'

Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer. (Ryan M. Kelly/The Daily Progress via AP)
The mayor of Charlottesville, Virginia, thanked President Donald Trump on Saturday for "condemning hate in speech and action" after white nationalists and protesters clashed at a rally at a downtown park.

 Here is Mayor Mike Signer's tweet:

@realDonaldTrump, thanks, at long last, for condemning hate in speech and action. Our work here is just beginning. Yours is too.

The mayor of Charlottesville, Virginia, thanked President Donald Trump on Saturday for "condemning hate in speech and action" after white nationalists and protesters clashed at a rally at a downtown park.
He later condemned the plowing of the crowd by a car, which injured as many as six people, and begged protesters to "go home."

I am furious & heartsick by the car crash that has injured many. Please all-go home to your families. We can work tomorrow. GO HOME! PLEASE!

Trump tweeted after Democratic Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe declared a state of emergency in Virginia shortly following the start of the clashes:


We ALL must be united & condemn all that hate stands for. There is no place for this kind of violence in America. Lets come together as one!


Am in Bedminster for meetings & press conference on V.A. & all that we have done, and are doing, to make it better-but Charlottesville sad!

The rally was planned at Emancipation Park to protest a decision by city officials to remove the statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee., but was ultimately dispersed after the state of emergency was declared.
White nationalists also marched through the campus of the University of Virginia Friday night, carrying torches and shouting phrases like “white lives matter” and “you will not replace us.”
Signer also slammed the protest in a statement, calling the gathering "a cowardly parade of hatred, bigotry, racism, and intolerance."
"Everyone has a right under the First Amendment to express their opinion peaceably, so here's mine: not only as the Mayor of Charlottesville, but as a UVA faculty member and alumnus, I am beyond disgusted by this unsanctioned and despicable display of visual intimidation on a college campus," he said.

Trump on North Korean Threat: Military Solutions Are 'Locked and Loaded'

By Leah Barkoukis

President Trump issued yet another warning to North Korea Friday morning, saying the U.S.’s military solutions are ready to respond.

“Military solutions are now fully in place,locked and loaded,should North Korea act unwisely,” the president tweeted. “Hopefully Kim Jong Un will find another path!”
The president on Thursday told reporters his threat of “fire and fury” may not have sent a clear enough message.
“Maybe it wasn’t tough enough,” he said at his Bedminster golf club.
"I will tell you this: if North Korea does anything in terms of even thinking about attack — of anybody that we love or we represent, or our allies or us, they can be very, very nervous," Trump warned. "And they should be, because things will happen to them like they never thought possible."
The president said his threats are "not a dare."
"[Kim Jong Un is] not going to go around threatening Guam and he’s not going to threaten the United States and he’s not going to threaten Japan and he’s not going to threaten South Korea. That’s not a dare, as you say. That is a statement of fact," Trump said.
Defense Secretary Jame Mattis also issued a stark warning to North Korea, saying in a statement that the “DPRK should cease any consideration of actions that would lead to the end of its regime and the destruction of its people.”
North Korea has vowed to launch four intermediate-range missiles that would land in the sea around Guam.

CNN Host To Hillary Staffer Ripping Trump's N. Korea Statement: Hey, Bill Clinton Made Similar Remarks
By Matt Vespa
Via Daily Caller, CNN actually pushed back against a Clintonite’s claim that President Trump’s remarks about North Korea facing “fire and fury” concerning its nuclear weapons program showed that he was "temperamentally unfit" for office.

The left has gone nuts.

Friendly reminder, North Korea has had nuclear weapons since 2006, just not the miniaturization technology to put a warhead on an ICBM. Well, that’s changed.

Their nuclear program began long ago, though liberals act as if Trump gave North Korea the nukes—and that this is his fault.

It’s outrageous.

On CNN Thursday, Adrianne Elrod, Hillary Clinton’s former director for strategic communications tried to paint Trump as unfit over the “fury” remarks, but host Poppy Harlow pushed back—citing Bill Clinton’s remarks that threatened North Korea’s existence in the 1990s [emphasis mine]:

“Hold on, hold on,” Harlow interrupted. “Let me read you a statement from former president Bill Clinton in 1993: ‘…It is pointless for North Korea to try to develop nuclear weapons because if they ever use them it would be the end of their country.

“How is that markedly different from rhetoric used by President Trump?” Harlow asked.

“Well, look, that was in 1993, we’re now talking about 2017. We’re dealing with a real potential threat here,” Elrod responded."
It’s the age-old problem here with the Left.
It’s different when Democrats say it.
And when they’re caught with their pants down, as in the case with Bill Clinton’s remarks about North Korea, it’s just different somehow, or something.
They have no sense of history or they purposefully ignore it to achieve their goal.
Alas, the double standard we all rant about daily.
CNN hasn’t been friendly to Trump, but even a blind squirrel finds a nut.
Nice work pushing back on the narrative there, Ms. Harlow. 


The whining about Trump using "fire and fury" language in response to little Kim Jong threatening to *nuke* the U.S. really is astounding